Country house over the Golfo dei Peti
and farm in the Cinque Terre

"Welcome to your country oasis."

Take a good sigh, smile, relax.
You have found the corner of Heaven you are looking for.
And finally, the time has come to slow down and find yourself.

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    Slow food, slow tourism, slow experience, slow living
    in the Cinque Terre Natural Park

    "Leave the rush at home."

    If you’ve landed on this site, it’s because you’re looking for something beyond what any typical hotel in the Cinque Terre is able to offer; you want a chance to rediscover how to savour life, exploring, wandering, and living at a calmer, more natural pace.
    This is what Belvedere 9 is all about. At our farm and guest house in the middle of the Cinque Terre Natural Park, you’ll see how the land, nature, and the seasons decide the pace of your day. Here, at your home by the sea, everything you taste from the table comes from what we or other local farmers grow; nothing has travelled more than 40 km.

    Our strategic location in La Spezia means you are not only close to the famous 5 Terre, but also well placed to discover the lesser known beauty of Montemarcello, Portovenere, Campiglia or Tellaro. Whether you choose to venture out by car, train, cycling or hiking, this is the perfect place to start from.
    A stay here with us will put you back in contact with nature, however you choose to do it. Whe ther it’s just for a few days or entire weeks, you’ll find the holiday just for you, one that nurtures both body and soul. It’s time to disconnect and unwind.

    Here are some of the many unique experiences we suggest:

    • Bike Tour (Numerous options for exploring on two wheels) • The Cinque Terre • The Gulf of Poets • Porto Venere, Palmaria, Tino e Tinetto • Piscine naturali Natural swimming pools • La Spezia • Lunigiana • The Apuan Alps • Shopping • Wine harvest • Olive harvest
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    The Farmhouse

    Agriturismo over the Golfo dei Poeti
    and Farm in the Cinque Terre

    “Come in and leave your worries behind”

    Each room is unique, with its own colours, fragrance, and each has its own farmland symbol. We have furnished them with unique pieces, each with its own story to tell.

    The house situated half way between La Spezia downtown and Riomaggiore has everything you need to relax, have fun and try new experiences.

    Let us know when you make you booking if you need our pick up/drop off service to the train stations of Riomaggiore and La Spezia. If you are arriving by bike or car, we have ample parking here at the farm, which is a true rarity here in the Cinque Terre.

    At the farmhouse, you can relax and sunbathe by the pool and enjoy breakfasts, snacks, aperitifs and dinners, all made with local food, to discover the traditional flavours of the Ligurian coast. You can also buy our own products or those of other local growers: vegetables, fruit, jams, oil wine, and much more.

    If you’re in search of adventure, you can head for the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre National Park, along some of the most enchanting trails in the world,dipping down to coves,climbing up to mountains. For those who like to pedal there is no better way to do this than on a bike tour on our Belvedere 9 mountain bikesto seeplaces that will take your breath away.

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    The farm

    “8.000 m2 of nature and well-being”

    The Belvedere 9 farm started in 2018 with the rescuing of abandoned plots of land in the Cinque Terre, mostly around the town of Corniglia. The hard work allowed us to restore many indigenous plants: olives, grapes, seasonal vegetables, and fruits, particularly citruses and figs, which were a vital source of food for the townup until the end of WW1.

    2.000 square metresare given over tofruit, grown according totraditional methods: by hand, with no pesticides or toxic fertilizers, ready to be safely put on the table. The same is sofor the 3.000 square metres of seasonal vegetables plots. The produce isso rich in flavour that, once you try them, you’ll realise you’ve never really tasted salad, cabbage, tomatoes orbeans. The farm also includes a 3.000 square metre vineyard of local grapes: bosco, albarola and vermentino, used to make the5 Terre DOC Wine and the famous Sciacchetrà, one of the most ancient sweet wines in the Mediterranean. Recently, our terrain has expanded, and we now alsotend to the vineyards of the Convent in Monterosso of the Capucin Monks, a place of rare and secret beauty,where the sea breeze caresses the vines making for rich, plump grapes.

    The farm provides our guests with its fruits and vegetables, each according to the rhythm of the seasons, with no perticides or phytochemicals. As well as this we supply a network of private customers, local shops, bars, and restaurants in the Cinque Terre that all share same values: a passion for our land, genuine cusine, responsible and rational choices.

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    Serena e Diego

    “We have drawn up the map of your future adventures”

    In 2016, we decided that the next chapter of our story should be to do something huge, something amazing. We combined our professional experiences – farming and 5 star tourism accommodation –to offer it to those who, as we did, would like to escape to this little corner of paradise, circled by breathtaking views, in search of a way of life, our lives.

    We have come to think of Belvedere 9 as an agricultural oasis, a place to recharge the strength of your body and mind, to get in touch with nature, to switch off from the everyday grind and clamour. Here we found it is the closeness to nature that sets the rhythm of your days, and this enfolds you. We hope that you will find, with us, a break that is more than a holiday; a made to measure respite as the land and its life take care of you.

    Every experience here is built around you, feels like the perfect fit, as if it were an old friend. We’d like to say all this is because of us, but it’s still nature and earth who make it happen.

    The Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets

    “Each year, milions of tourists come sightseeing here. We want you to feel at home”

    Five delightful towns whose colourful houses, reflected in the sea, have become instantly recognisable all over the world. Connecting them are hundreds of paths that wander through enchanting landscapes , past ancient homesteads that against all odds withstand the ravages of time. Sheer rocky cliffs guard secret beaches with crystal-clear waters. This is what makes the Cinque Terre one of the world’s most iconic and desireable destinations. And yet, despite their popularity, they retain their uniqueness.

    Corniglia, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore have been UNESCO world heritage sights since 1997. The local people have always acted as custodians of their bounteous treasures, working tirelessly to safeguard every town, road, path, cliff and beach from modernisation, overdevelopment and the scars of mass tourism. Their tenacity, once considered stubborn pride, has now been rewarded by an international acknowledgement of their homeland such as few places can command.

    The Gulf of La Spezia, known as the Gulf of Poets, has lured here some of history’s most famous writers and artists: Dante, Petrarca, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Virginia Wolf, Richard Wagner, to name a few, were all captivated by the beauty of this anfiteatro d’acque. Some art historians argue that the Gulf is the back drop to Botticelli’s most famous painting, “The Birth of Venus”. Today the beauty of the Gulf is as bewitching as ever. You can sail the waters of the gulf on public and private boat trips, or rent a boat and explore it at your own pace.

    The position, the proposed, itineraries, the calm mindset, all make Belvedere 9 the perfect place to live the Cinque Terre and Gulf of Poets as only few people can. What are you waiting for?

    We hope that you will soon join us to take advantage of all these posibilities, all of the Cinque Terre villages and all of their treasures, whilst enjoying and savouring with us the slow mentality that Belvedere stands for. We can’t wait to meet you.

    With its unique position, its wide range of activities proposed, for its advantages conditions, for the Slow ethos which defines it, Belvedere 9 offers you a gateway to each of the Cinque Terre villages and the Gulf of the Poets, in such a way as only a few may hope to see them. What are you waiting for?

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